Modeling Tips & Glamour Models Advice

Despite the stereotypes, breaking into the modeling industry requires a lot more than beauty. It requires dedication, smarts and perseverance. First and foremost is to realize how difficult it is to become a top fashion model in such a competitive industry. Aspiring models often, "how do I get into modeling", or "how do I get started in modeling"? I will discuss here discusses the various types of modeling, and what it takes to make it in this challenging yet fun profession.

There are basically five different types of modeling. And these are as:

1. COMMERCIAL MODELING (Television, Catalogs and Print-Ads).

2. PROMOTIONAL MODELING (Tradeshows, Retail, Car Shows, Events).

3. FASHION MODELING (includes Runway, Fashion Shows).

4. INTERNET MODELING (web-sites, live webcam, etc.).


COMMERCIAL MODELING (Television, Catalogs and Print-Ads):

Commercial models help promote products and services through ads in the electronic media such as Television and the Internet as well as through Print Advertising. They appear in commercials/ads, on product packaging, in magazines, on billboards, etc., and help promote all kinds of products and services ranging from computer equipment to medicines, apparel, shoes and cosmetics.

PROMOTIONAL MODELING (Tradeshows, Retail, Car Shows, Events):

Promotional modeling includes work at Tradeshows and Conventions, handing out Product Samples in Retail Stores, helping promote products or services at Car Shows, Boat Shows, Events, etc. What differentiates Promotional Modeling from Commercial Modeling above is the fact that for Promotional Modeling you have to be there in person, because you yourself (not your photo or video) are doing the promoting. While it may not appear as glamorous as Commercial Modeling, it can provide good income opportunities, and the jobs are usually easier to get.

FASHION MODELING (includes Runway, Fashion Shows):

Fashion models help launch new products and designs such as in apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry, swimwear, beachwear, etc. The walk the runway in fashion shows. Many large fashion shows also get media coverage, and a good fashion model can get print exposure in leading fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, etc. Similarly, if a fashion show is being covered by the broadcast media, there is a chance that you may appear on Television too.

INTERNET MODELING (web-sites, live webcam, etc.)

Internet modeling, whether it is for static content on web-sites or for live webcam or streaming video is a popular segment. Generally, you have to be over 18 years of age.


Photographers hire models all the time, either to build their own portfolios or to create content for Licensing to others and/or for Stock-Photo purposes. The PhotoShoot can be either a paid shoot (where the model gets paid either on an hourly basis or a flat fee) or TFP (trade Time for Prints), or TFCD (trade Time for CD-ROM images). In the TFP or TFCD arrangement no money changes hands. It is just a trade or swap. The photographer invests his/her time, expertise and equipment, and the model invests his/her time. Thus, they can create some content together that both parties can use to further their own professional goals, respectively. Stock Photo Agencies sometimes commission a photographer to take certain pictures that can then be sold or licensed to different companies for use in advertising and marketing materials.

Glamour Modeling Carrier Tips:

1. Be careful which photographs you download and show. It might be intriguing to only put sexy or bikini shots up, but by doing this you limit your audience and resume.

2. Be honest and up front with your goals. Don't work with photographers who don't have any goals if you take modeling seriously. Make goals, say "I want to be a in a magazine in a year." Then focus on that goal and the type of magazines that might be easy access to getting inside of.

3. Finding a magazine. If you are 5 foot there is still a magazine out there for you. Consider these types of magazines because modeling is more than Playboy and Vogue.

4. Have a point when you shoot, rip out magazines samples, style the hair, the clothing, the makeup, think deeper about your shoots because your images will sell you. They speak without words about the type of model you are, and most importantly about where you are going.

Just because you are short, petite, or curvy doesn't mean you can't model. But be realistic. You might never be a supermodel, but you can enjoy making some nice extra cash as a model and gain some editorial, commercial, and magazine and editorial work along the way and maybe meet some great friends too.