Casting360 Review 2

Casting360 is an Internet company dedicated to providing professionals with quick, simple access to extras and talent around the country, as well as a database of directors, filmmakers, and music video producers for the public. Industry professionals such as producers and directors enjoy access to Casting360 free of charge, and they can take advantage of a multitude of tools at their disposal to find and recruit talent. For actors, singers, dancers, and other entertainers searching for roles or casting calls, Casting360 offers its comprehensive services for a monthly fee. When a user sets up a profile, he or she can upload headshots, bios, audio and video clips, and other materials that will help them attract attention from producers. Casting360 also features extensive search capabilities, enabling users to use precise criteria to find jobs or fill positions. Producers who use these comprehensive tools can find talent for music videos, crowd scenes, reality television shows, and more. With a database of over 1 million members across the United States, Casting360 offers a virtually endless amount of possibilities for producers. 

For those seeking jobs, Casting360 offers a multitude of resources. Besides the search capabilities, Casting360 provides online acting lessons, a Casting360 Adviser who relays insider industry news and tips, and seminars on how to improve performance. Casting360 keeps members apprised of the numerous entertainment opportunities that exist, from television shows and films to advertisements. Many background actors make $10 an hour in these positions, and many Hollywood stars began as nothing more than a face in the crowd. With Casting360’s technology, users can find a production that is close by and suitable for their age and level of experience. Casting360 also offers live support, as well as casting call activation within 12 to 24 hours. Using encrypted telephone numbers and unique mailboxes, Casting360 makes contacting and hiring talent simpler and more secure than ever before.