Casting360 Review 6

Launched in the fall of 2010, Casting360 has combined Internet technology and entertainment industry expertise to create a website where those seeking talent can find it. Casting directors, production companies, music producers, filmmakers, and other industry professionals receive free memberships, allowing access to a database of more than 1 million members nationwide. Casting360 also offers advance-search capabilities including more than 30 parameters, allowing customized searches for just the right talent, including “real” people for reality television shows. 

Actors, dancers, singers, extras, models, musicians, and other performers register and pay a fee for including their portfolios on Members can create professional portfolios with great photos, audio, and video and gain access to video acting lessons and industry seminars, as well as insider knowledge from an online Casting360 Advisor. Casting directors use the Casting360 website to fill roles in movies, television shows, music videos, bands, and theaters. Entertainment professionals also seek talent for advertising and promotional and media events. 

Actors, musicians, and other entertainers utilize the service for a monthly fee, which grants them access to a substantial amount of content. Members can update their portfolios with headshots, demo reels, audio clips, and more. Videos on acting and tricks of the trade are readily available, and Casting360 can notify members of casting calls in their area that match their experience level. In order to help members succeed, Casting360 provides tools for building resumes and managing jobs, and includes contacts in the entertainment world such as professional photographers, casting agencies, and talent scouts. Casting360 recently earned a nomination for a WebAward for its commitment to excellence and innovation. The staff members at Casting360 take pride in their adaptability and responsiveness; the company was founded on the principle of feedback, and they stand ready to change as the market dictates, serving the customer before all else. Casting360 has made a business out of filling a specific niche and plans to continue building on that experience in the future.