Casting360 Review 7

Recently nominated for a WebAward, Casting360 has set a new standard for casting websites by offering unprecedented innovation and usefulness. Casting360 makes it easier than ever to connect industry professionals such as producers and casting directors with the talent they seek. Producers can access Casting360’s million-member database for free and send out alerts about casting calls and new projects in a matter of minutes. With a number of effective communication methods at their disposal, producers can call talent on encrypted phone lines, talk in real time, or use a private mailing service. They can also specifically target certain types of actors and other entertainment professionals through Casting360’s search feature, which offers dozens of criteria through which to fill a position. 

Founded in 2010, Casting360 has grown at an extraordinary rate. Displaying innovation and resourcefulness, Casting360 recently garnered a nomination for a WebAward. Utilizing valuable input from industry professionals, Casting360 successfully brought the casting process into the 21st century, transforming what was once a tiresome and frustrating task. Casting360 remains committed to providing excellent customer service and responding to the needs and trends of the time, adapting as necessary to provide the most cutting-edge and effective casting services available.