Casting360 Review 8

With a database of over 1 million members and numerous effective communication tools, Casting360 has become one of the Internet’s primary sources for talent and jobs in the entertainment world. Dancers, singers, actors, models, and musicians can now search directly for producers working on projects in their area. By paying a monthly fee, they can set up an online portfolio complete with headshots, audio and video clips, and more to assist entertainment professionals in finding them. In addition, Casting360 offers short classes on acting and insider information about the entertainment industry, essential tools for the fast-moving business. With a massive database of actors, models, and casting directors, Casting360 makes it easier than ever to find the talent or profession that matches a user’s needs. Entertainers understand the importance of finding jobs that fit their age and experience, as well as their location and wage requirements. For professionals looking to fill positions, Casting360 enables them to recruit large numbers of extras through a mass messaging system that gets the word out about casting calls. 

Casting360 upholds a commitment to helping performers navigate the entertainment industry. The company regularly offers short, informative videos on acting and industry terminology that help equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed. In addition, those who complete these lessons are highlighted for producers on Casting360. All of these features, created in response to industry demand, have resulted in a casting process that is effective and time-saving, one that represents a leap forward in the entertainment industry. Both producers and talent benefit from Casting360’s revolutionary medium, which provides them with unrestricted access to one another.