Casting360 Review 9

Casting360 maintains a database of more than 1 million of singers, dancers, actors, musicians, models, and additional performers. Casting directors and others seeking to fill roles in television, movies, bands, music videos, theater, and advertising post thousands of casting calls on the company’s website. The win-win system allows talent members to submit their portfolios for certain casting calls and industry professionals to search the massive database, customizing their searches as desired. 

Industry casting personnel, including filmmakers, directors, photographers, music producers, and choreographers, join Casting360 at no cost. The technology allows such members to send individual or mass messages, posting casting calls nationwide or by city location. In addition to experienced actors, the comprehensive database includes a wide range of “real” people of all ages, from every background, ideal for casting in reality television shows and as extras. Casting360 enables industry professionals and talent to connect and interact in real time. 

The system works like this: Casting360 allows a talent member to set up a professional portfolio with photos and a video. Once the portfolio receives approval and online posting, the member can submit to casting calls. Interested casting directors then review the portfolio and contact the member. The Casting360 site includes valuable resources, such as industry advice and interviews with casting directors, photographers, and actors. Additionally, Casting360 offers video acting lessons, including suggestions on auditioning and other key information. Participants in the acting lessons gain the advantage of highlighted portfolios, providing greater exposure during searches. 

Most successful performers began humbly, and Casting360 enables aspiring actors to find work as extras, allowing them to experience television or film production on set with little pressure. Serving as background in a production, extras earn $10 or more per hour in nonspeaking roles as students, people on the street, or café patrons, for instance. Casting360 provides one of the largest resources under the sun for casting extras, as well as most other performers.