Casting360 Review 10

Casting360 occupies a vital niche in the entertainment industry. By connecting talent with entertainment producers, Casting360 helps provide actors with regular work and enables producers to cast their production quickly and effectively. The company was designed around the feedback from industry insiders; thus, Casting360 answers their call for a more effective and efficient means of finding entertainment talent. The firm allows casting directors to talk in real time with potential hires and provides a multitude of tools for searching out ideal candidates. Through its simple turnkey interface, Casting360 assists professionals in sifting through over 1 million members on its vast talent database. Producers can filter their searches through several dozen criteria, including location, age, looks, and experience level. They can also send out mass mailings for events such as casting calls and add talent portfolios to a saved folder. Casting360 is offered as a free service for professionals. 

For talent, Casting360 membership includes a professional portfolio with photographs and video, as well as access to resources providing information on photographers and photo shoots, release forms and property releases, types of acting and modeling careers, and other pertinent information. Talent members also have access to Casting360 Video Acting Lessons, 10-minute sessions that enlighten viewers on acting techniques, auditions, monologues, how to take good headshots, and other key information. Casting360 highlights the portfolios of those who participate in the acting lessons, providing an advantage when entertainment professionals conduct searches. 

Nominated for a WebAward and a Webby Award, which honor excellence on the Internet, Casting360 has grown exponentially since its founding in 2010. Crediting its success to a commitment to exceed customer expectations and adapt as necessary, the company continues to improve and innovate. Casting360 found a niche and filled it, in the process bringing the 20th-century casting platform for into the 21st century.