Casting360 Review 11

When producers are in need of performers for a project, they frequently turn to Casting360, understanding that the company offers some of the Internet’s best tools for finding new talent. Searching for actors, models, singers, and dancers can be time-consuming and laborious, but Casting360 makes the process simple, practical, and effective. There are over 1 million U.S. users on, which means that producers have an enormous and diverse group of professionals from which to choose. Instead of personally interviewing or surrendering to the luck of the draw, producers who use Casting360 are able to browse thousands of profiles and narrow their search with dozens of criteria to find talent that fits the project’s needs. Professionals in the entertainment field looking to fill positions use the site for free. For musicians and actors in search of a job, Casting360 offers its services at a monthly rate. Casting360 offers a number of rewards for members. Casting360 provides tools that enable individuals looking for work to communicate in real time with producers, and performers are notified of casting calls in their area. In addition, members can create customized profiles that enable producers to recognize their unique talents and advantages. They can also upload photos and videos, as well as information regarding their previous experience and credits. 

Casting360 allows talent, which does pay a fee, to create effective portfolios utilizing photo, audio, and video capabilities. Once a portfolio has received approval, a member can view casting calls specific to his or her area, click on Submit to This Casting Call, or add one to a Favorites page. A casting director receives the portfolio and contacts the talent, if interested. The Casting360 website includes casting calls for television shows, movies, theater, music, dance, and music videos. In addition, a Casting360 Advisor answers technical questions on portfolio setup and other inquiries about the entertainment industry. 

Talent members of Casting360 also can attend seminars presented by industry experts and enroll in the company’s video acting lessons. The database contains a large number of people for reality television, as well, making it one of the most comprehensive sources for casting reality shows. Casting360 guarantees to refund the registration fee for those who are not contacted within 90 days. Talent members can discontinue the monthly service at any time. Such individuals lose access to casting calls and other Casting360 features, but their portfolios remain active for talent searches.