Casting360 Review 13

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, casting network Casting360 gives actors and actresses not only a means to find work as movie extras, but also a community through which to network and secure additional acting opportunities. Built for both entertainment industry professionals and entertainers, amateur models, actors, and extras, Casting360’s design is continually updated based on actual feedback from casting directors, filmmakers, producers, and photographers. 

Casting360 developed a Search For Talent Tool on its website that combines a simple-to-use interface with one of the nation’s largest and most diverse talent databases to streamline the casting process. Casting professionals who use Casting360 also find a search engine that filters potential talent based on location, looks, experience, and other key components; in addition, these professionals can easily send out mass messages to a broad spectrum of people. Consequently, Casting360 offers one of the most wide-ranging resources in casting for extras and reality television, with talent taking the form of real people from all walks of life. 

Casting360’s website allows casting-call activation within 12 to 24 hours and nearly instant access to talent, as well as live support. Broadening and simplifying the traditional “cattle call” for performers, the company’s technology enables industry professionals to contact talent securely through encrypted telephone numbers and mailboxes. Casting360 also provides each professional user with an e-mail box and forwarding capability to protect privacy. 

With television and movie productions in constant need of extras, who generally earn $10 or more an hour, the Casting360 database provides a rich and diverse source of actors of all ages. Many working actors began their careers appearing in background scenes as extras, and the founders of Casting360 agree with the person who said, “There are no small parts, just small actors.” Enrolling with Casting360 allows even the untrained performer to enter the entertainment field by becoming an extra.