Finished Shooting The Film Footage

In the year of 1878, people began to do experiment in film making field, and the film making technology improved in the following years. With the invention of the movie projector, people can see motion pictures instead of live performance in the theatre. Actually, the movie projector greatly changed tradition entertainment industry. Film-makers began to make money by shooting films. Many people want to score big by shooting successful low-budget film.

If you decide to shoot a low-budget film, you can make it by renting a Sony HD monitor. Sure, you can also buy used video equipment to shoot the short video. As you’re the direction of the film, you should do as much things as possible during the whole film making process. From the movie script to the post-production, you should take part in every procedure to learn different things in film making. As you don’t have big budget, you have to make full use of every penny. Make a plan on budget before you shoot the film. In order to save money, you need to do much work on your own. Thus, you’ve got enough money on the shooting and post-production, which can enhance the quality of the film. If more people want to watch your film, then you can earn more money.

Every good film has a good script, so you need to find a good script. You can either write a story by yourself or buy a finished script from others. Certainly, you can save money by writing the film script on your own. What is more, there are other things you need to consider before you choose the script. Due to the low budget, you’d better shoot the film with fewer actors and locations.

Ask your friends or family members as actors or actresses in your film, and you can save much money on the remuneration. But you need to make sure that your friends or family can really act in the movie. If they know nothing about acting, then you’d better not hire them. Poor acting will destroy the short film no matter how cheap these actors and actresses are.

When you have finished shoot the footage, you have to do the post-production work. You have to spend much money in editing the film. If you don’t know much about this, you need to hire someone who can edit. The film editor has to cut and piece the footage, do colour correcting and check for film continuity in the whole editing process. Finally, you should market the short film and make it popular among people. The more people want to watch your film, the more money you’ve made on your short film.