Models and Actors advice to further your career

As an actor or model you will be dealing with many types of hiring clients such as Photographers, Casting Directors, Art Directors, Talent Agents, Talent Managers, Film Directors, Producers, Ad Agencies, and Networks etc.

Many models and actors feel that one or all of the above is preventing their success?

Constantly the Actor, Model or Entertainer deal with a lot of unknown factors such as; why don't things happen quicker in my career? Who is slowing down my career? Why didn't I get the role when I performed excellently? Why am I not going out on more auditions?

In order to for you to get to where you want to go ask yourself these questions.

1. Do I need to update my pictures/resume/reel.

2. Maybe I need to do something different about my technique and look at what various modeling and acting classes have to offer.

3. Maybe the old hairstyle or look I have is not working now.

4. Perhaps I should be marketing myself differently.

5. Do I truly understand how the business works?

6. Am I staying involved and proactive or am I just sitting back and waiting for things to happen?

Example: That Casting Director just doesn't really like me or, that person is just racist/sexist/ageist and unwilling take a risk, or all the clients want are tall, skinny models etc.

It's natural that we sometimes make false assumptions; it protects us when we feel weak and unable to change, whether because of financial conditions or lack of motivation.

Over the years it seems the really successful talent will take a hard look at themselves first and try not to play the blame game very often.

So have some courage and look at some of the things you can change!

Here's how to be pro-active:

1. Pictures: Get more accurate updated or flattering pictures.

2. Resume: Keep it updated and give it to your agent.

3. Test Shoots: Build your portfolio with professional test shoots from reputable photographers.

Good luck!