How to prepare for acting auditions

Attending auditions can be very nerve wracking as it is very often your only chance to make a lasting impression on a director or casting agent. Putting some preparation and hard work in before attending acting auditions however can make a world of difference.

Auditions are different from normal job interviews as if you fail to prepare there is very often little chance you can 'bluff' your way through.

All auditions will be different depending on the type of role you are hoping to get. For instance, if you are going to auditions for a pantomime you may need to prepare a speaking and singing audition piece.

If you have been invited to an audition, you may have been sent a few pages from the script. You will be invited to read this on the day itself. Before the audition, try to think about the character you would be playing. Think about what age they are, their personality and how they feel about other characters in the story. This will all help you interpret the lines at the audition.

Go over your lines before the audition and dress in a way that is suitable for the part. Go into the audition and perform not like you are in an audition, but as if you are actually performing in front of an audience as that character. By making the director believe you are that character you stand a better chance of being called back for a second audition.

If it not does go to plan, ask for some constructive criticism and use that in a future audition.