Movie Extras And TV Extras Wanted - What Type Of Skills Do People Require?

If we are talking about ‘type' with respect to looks and personality, then there's a easy answer, you could be anybody! Just have a take a look at current Television shows or films and analyse the variety of people you will find within the background - small, tall, large, thin, wide range of ethnic cultures, old, young, handsome, plain, ugly, the list is virtually endless! Requirements for the type of extras wanted will be different from one production to another. Also the kind of person required will vary, based on the scene being shot.

So, having established that almost anybody might be the correct sort of person for TV extras or movie extras jobs, it's very important to ascertain that you also have the proper type of temperament, when making an application for an 'extras wanted' role. You'll find a number of characteristics that I would consider to be pretty vital, if you wish to contemplate a career within the movie extras and TV extras industry.

TV and movie extras do need to possess a large degree of patience

Once you've obtained a positive response to all your 'extras wanted' applications, you will find that working in the movie extras and TV extras business usually entails a whole lot of lounging around with nothing much to do, sounds amazing doesn't it? Nonetheless, consider sitting on top of a double-decker bus, dressed in period costume that has a scratchy hairpiece along with a ‘feathered hat' you can't remove. You are likely to be sat there indefinitely, not knowing just when you are likely to be required on set. It is important that you comprehend that there will be a lot of lounging around doing very little, whenever you choose to work as an extra.

Extras wanted - will need to be flexible

You also will need to be especially flexible. If there's one factor a production crew don't like, it is TV extras or movie extras who are not prepared to be flexible. Whenever you are lined up for a shoot, there is a really very good chance that you're not likely to find out what is exactly required of you until you arrive. Unless, of course, there is something particular about the shoot that you'd would need to know before hand, for example, you're going to get especially wet, so bring a big towel, or you'll be expected to wear nothing but a pair of underpants! Consequently, if you do not understand what is going to be expected of you before you get there, there's not much point in turning round and saying "Oh, I didn't expect to have to do that".

Within reason, you will need to always be as accommodating and adaptable as feasible, when attempting to obtain an 'extras wanted' role. Demonstrate willing and the Director will remember you!

Focus and awareness is very important

As mentioned earlier, there may be a whole lot of sitting around doing nothing before you are finally called on set. Once you are on set, the most important thing the film crew don't want to see is an individual who doesn't listen or pay attention. On the film shoot you'll be one of the least expensive commodities around. It'll be costing the film company thousands of pounds each hour in salaries and equipment hire, so they will not wish to hang around once they're ready to start shooting. If filming is held up for the reason that you have not been paying attention to exactly what is required of you, they'll not be best pleased.

Do you require any sort of training when submitting an application for 'extras wanted' jobs?

It's extremely rare that casting directors are likely to be looking for a person with formal training. If they require formal training they will, in all probability, search of an actor! Nevertheless, training ‘on the job' is some thing that is usually helpful - train yourself as you go along, and learn through your mistakes. You will discover several businesses that advertise training sessions for TV extras and movie extras. These companies aim to provide you with all the key skills vital to operate in front of a camera with out being self conscious, and to learn how to take direction.

So in the event you definitely are keen to work in the TV extras or film extras industry, you'll need to be patient, flexible, concentrate, listen, absorb, and do as you're told. In the event that your personality matches this character profile you ought to have no worries and can start looking for all those ‘extras wanted' jobs.